What is an eGift?
An eGift is a digital version of a physical item that you can send instantly to anyone in the US. The recipient can then redeem their digital gift for the physical item and pick the color and size they want. It takes the worry out of picking the wrong gift and having to return or exchange it.


What if the item is sold out when they go to redeem their eGift?
If the item has sold out when they go to redeem their eGift, the recipient will receive an eGift Card instead for the value paid for the eGift.


What if it goes on sale after I send it? 
If the item goes on sale after you send the eGift, the recipient will have an extra credit to use towards something else they want.


Can I use promo codes/coupons to purchase an eGift? 
Unfortunately, you cannot apply promo codes or coupons to eGifts but they can be used when the recipient redeems the eGift.


Is there a fee to send an eGift?
No, there are no fees associated with eGifts.


Can an eGift be redeemed in store?
An eGift can only be redeemed in store when it is exchanged for an eGift Card.


Can the recipient exchange the eGift?
The recipient is welcome to exchange the eGift for anything else they might want.


Can I add gift wrap? 
As this is a digital gift, we cannot add gift wrap.


What if tax and/or shipping is more or less than the cost? 
When purchasing your eGift, we add an optional 10% tax to the order to cover tax for whatever state your recipient will ship their gift to so that the recipient does not owe any money at checkout.  Ground shipping is free for all eGifts!


Can I enter the recipient's size?
Don't fre about getting the right size or color.  The recipient will get to pick what they want when they redeem their eGift.

I accidentally typed the wrong email address for the recipient.  How can I fix it?
If you've already sent the eGift, you can access our Customer Support tools to resend the eGift to a new email address.


Can I cancel my eGift?
No, you cannot cancel an eGift.


When does the recipient receive the eGift?
In most cases, eGifts are received within minutes of sending, but can sometimes take a few hours to process.  You can also schedule a future delivery date for your eGift.


How does my recipient get the eGift if there is no shipping address?
The recipient will fill out their shipping details when they redeem their eGift at checkout.




How do I accept/redeem an eGift? 
You can redeem your eGift by clicking or tapping the link in your email. This will take you directly to the website where your eGift credit will be automatically applied for you in checkout.  


Is the eGift reserved until I decide to accept/redeem it? 
The inventory for your item will not be reserved for you.  Items are given or sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If the item is out of stock, you will receive the full amount of the gift on an eGift card.


I accidentally deleted my email. How can I get my eGift? 
You can recover your eGift email by accessing our Customer Support Tools to resend the eGift.


I opted for an eGift Card. How can I use or access it?  
You can access your eGift Card from the same link in your email. To use your eGift Card, you will need to apply the eGift Card number and pin number at checkout.


I redeemed my eGift online. When will it ship?
Most in-stock items will arrive within 4-7 business days after placing your order.




Can I exchange my eGift for something else?
Absolutely! You can exchange your eGift for an eGift Card or your credit can be applied toward any other item. Just click through the eGift email and the credit will automatically be applied in checkout.


Will the sender know that I returned or exchanged the eGift?
The sender will not know if you returned or exchanged your eGift for something else.


Can I exchange or return my redeemed gift in store?
You can return item(s) by mail or in any Johnston & Murphy store.


Can I exchange for multiple gifts? 
You can exchange your eGift credit towards multiple items. The maximum balance will be applied to anything you order within your cart at checkout.